Heru Aims to Revolutionize Tax Management with Artificial Intelligence in Mexico

The platform is expanding to include a variety of tax regimes, making the service more accessible and efficient.

Heru, a fintech platform specializing in tax services, has launched a range of new products for monthly tax filing. This expansion comes with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, which not only facilitate a broader range of tax options but also make the service more economically accessible to users.

The new additions to Heru’s catalog of services target various tax regimes, including the Business Activities Regime, Simplified Regime of Trust (RESICO), Fiscal Incorporation Regime (RIF), and Leasing Regime. These tax filing services come with special rates for a limited time: MX $99 per month for those earning income through digital platforms and MX $399 per month for independent workers.

In addition to tax filing, Heru offers a series of complementary services, such as the free issuance of electronic invoices and consultation on fiscal status. The highlight is the introduction of a virtual accountant, backed by AI, offering real-time advice and revolutionizing how individuals and businesses manage their accounting.

Mateo Jaramillo, co-founder of Heru, emphasized its commitment to usability and accessibility, highlighting that AI technology has been fundamental to its growth and market acceptance.

According to data from the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, tax evasion has narrowed the country’s tax base. The number of individual taxpayers is 5.5 million, meaning only 16.18% of Mexico’s economically active population (EAP) regularly contributes to the treasury. Additionally, only 27.5% of legal entities regularly pay taxes.

Heru continues to innovate to simplify the complex task of tax management and allow individuals and businesses to fulfill their tax responsibilities more efficiently and accurately, narrowing the tax gap.

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