Auth0 partners with London-based YLD, hires new C-level staff

auth0 partners with london-based yld, hires new c-level staff
auth0 partners with london-based yld, hires new c-level staff

Contxto – Last month, the Seattle-based startup with Argentine origins, Auth0, announced a new partnership with YLD, a London-based IT consulting firm.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, YLD helps big corporations. These include Microsoft, Canon, Samsung’s Joyent and Google develop user-loving digital products. By staying on top of the most important tech trends and skills, it trains big corporate staff while providing consulting services, too.

The company is a loyal contributor to the open-source community, so feel free to visit its GitHub and StackOverflow.

YLD is also a member of the OS foundations and frequently runs meetings and conferences for new and potential clients. This way, they can learn about emerging tech trends from the experts themselves.  

Furthermore, YLD Labs, the subsidiary of the larger YLD, is a venture builder program that focuses on creating new startups and products. Through this program is how Auth0 enters the picture.

Gula’s birth

Gula, a new project developed by YLD Labs, is a telemedicine app for pet owners. Instead of physically having to visit the vet, users can initially consult with their local veterinarian virtually.

As YLD built Gula using React Native, Auth0 helped by offering strong user experience without sacrificing any time to launch. In an ultra-fast turnover, Auth0 Rules enabled Gula to integrate user signup without previous infrastructure in around one day.

Moreover, the company implemented authentication for both iOS and Android, as well as social login with Facebook and Google, within those same 24 hours.

YLD project management tool

YLD develops an internal tool for employee productivity and product management, called the confidence framework tool. In only a few weeks, YLD was able to build the tool using Auth0 and PouchDb. Leveraging auth0.WebAuth, users can sign in with their company’s Google email.

On top of that, YLD built a budget manager using also auth0.WebAuth. This tool enables employees to review their department’s budget while granting access and control to finance departments.

New staff

New staff will also be joining the team as the startup accomplishes more milestones. Barry Plaga and Shiven Ramji recently joined the team as CFO and CPO, respectively.

The new finance officer, Plaga, used to be CFO and COO for Guidance Software. The new Chief Product Officer, Ramji, served as Senior VP of Product at Digital Ocean.

“Barry and Shiven bring incredibly deep experience and a proven history of taking fast-growing technology companies to the next level,” said Auth0 CEO and co-founder Eugenio Pace. “We are very excited to welcome them to the team, and will leverage their collective expertise to propel Auth0 through its next phase of growth.”


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