emov, an Argentine electric bike, wants to take the United States by storm

emov, an argentine electric bike, wants to take the united states by storm
emov, an argentine electric bike, wants to take the united states by storm

Contxto – Intelligent bicycles may sound extravagant but Gabriel Muñoz has proven otherwise. The Argentine entrepreneur and founder of EMOV is responsible for the market’s first Full Hyper-Smart bicycle, Brina 2.

Intending to revolutionize the industry, his company recently sold 30 units during the first month of U.S. distribution.

“While sales for the rest of the world are unknown, one fact is that in the United States we sold 30 in one month,” said Muñoz. “We combine the internet with resellers because experience taught us that it is better when the bike is shown; we want to be in the window.”

Talk about ergonomic design 

This idea to design an electric bicycle began in 2009 when he founded EMOV. Rather than pursuing VC money, Muñoz acquired funds through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to create the newest model that operates through a hyper-intelligent app.

At the time, this was the first bicycle of its kind.

“When we started, we were the first electric bicycle in Latin America,” said Muñoz. “Then competitors were added, although they aren’t many.” 

Ecological design and superior engineering only touch the tip of the iceberg that is Brina 2. In terms of design, this bicycle has an ultra-lightweight one-piece carbon frame weighing approximately 16 kilos. Wheels are also made of magnesium and did I mention that there is a built-in electric engine?

New model

According to Muñoz, the new Brina 2 model will allow his company to compete more in international markets. This became apparent with its recent success in the United States. All the while, the startup has managed to stay afloat without working with the VC community.

“We do everything full-throttle because we don’t have any mega investors behind us,” said Muñoz. “We have gathered US$51,000 through crowdfunding.” 

EMOV succeeded in turning its prototype into a full-blown consumer products thanks to these fundraising efforts.

Based on reports, the new model is user-friendly and suitable for both novices as well as advanced cyclists. Moreover, the Brina 2 model has pedaling assistance that improves both fitness and health.

From my interpretation, this is for users who may not be in the best of shape to exert less energy while still enjoying the benefits of cycling on an electronic device.

Speed, cost-effectiveness and energy conservation are what Brina 2 offers to end-consumers. All the while, it is non-polluting, sustainable and doesn’t even produce any noise.


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