MIT recognizes young peruvians for their advancements in Artificial Intelligence and robotics

The surge of innovation in Peru is undeniable, and the recognition of these eight young individuals is a testament to that. With initiatives like IU35 LATAM, the technological and scientific future of Latin America seems to be in good hands.
MIT peru artificial intelligence
Latin America continues to establish itself as a region for innovation | Image: Innovators Under 35 LATAM

The Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2023 (IU35 LATAM) awards have once again celebrated the ingenuity and commitment of young Latin Americans who harness science and technology to address significant challenges in the region. This year, Peru has stood out as the country with the most award recipients, specifically honoring eight young innovators in robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

This prestigious accolade, organized by innovation consultancy Opinno and the MIT Technology Review in Spanish, has reached its ninth edition, and its allure has only grown.

This year’s fortunate Peruvian honorees are Aldo Galli, Giannina Honorio, Jorge Rojas, Miguel Ángeles, Rodrigo Coquis, Vania Rivero, Victor Morales, and Viviana Rojas. They not only epitomize Peru’s promise in the tech sector but also span a range of areas from nanotechnology and biotechnology to sustainability and software. All their innovations ultimately aim to enhance the quality of life for people.

A quick overview of these innovators gives insight into the diversity and depth of their contributions:

Aldo Galli has introduced “Cocarbon,” a sustainable solution that uses coconut shells to produce activated charcoal, enhancing water purification.

Giannina Honorio stands out with “Tinnitus” a system that aids in rehabilitating those suffering from this auditory condition. Her technology has achieved significant symptom reduction in patients.

Jorge Rojas Barnett has developed “Yapaykuy” an application that employs artificial intelligence to translate sign language in real-time, offering an essential tool for including deaf individuals.

Miguel Ángeles showcases “IRBin” an educational robot that advocates for bottle recycling using artificial intelligence.

Rodrigo Coquis contributes to the environment with “EcoEvol” a technology that neutralizes fuel bacteria, reducing toxic emissions.

Vania Rivero has revolutionized retail with “Price Lab” replacing traditional paper tags with wireless digital labels that update prices in real-time.

Victor Morales aims for financial inclusion with “Alfi” an app employing gamification for financial education.

Viviana Rojas propels education with “DigitalMente” assisting young individuals in securing international scholarships and supporting the advancement of universities.

Remarkably, not only has Peru been home to these innovators, but it will also host the IU35 LATAM 2023 awards ceremony. This event, gathering the top 35 outstanding young individuals from Latin America, will take place on October 26 at Universidad ESAN. This year’s edition has been sponsored by leading companies and entities such as Grupo UNACEM, Repsol, Grupo Intercorp, and PwC Perú, among others.

Innovation continues to make significant strides in the region, thanks to initiatives boosting Latin American youth. Recall that in the latest Global Innovation Index 2023, Brazil has established itself as the leading country in Latin America regarding innovations, followed by Chile and Mexico. In this context, Peru ranks 76th globally, as depicted in the graph published by Statista, marking a significant drop compared to previous years.

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