Atomic Agro developed social media app for farmers, and now raises investment

atomic agro developed social media app for farmers, and now raises investment
atomic agro developed social media app for farmers, and now raises investment

Contxto – Brazilian agrotech startup Atomic Agro announced it raised R$2.5 million (over US$598,000) this week in an investment round led by Capital Lab.

The startup reports that funds will be used to hire additional staff.

Social media for soy farmers

Much like programmers use crowdsourcing to develop their projects, this concept is brought to agriculture with Atomic Agro. Specifically, producers are able to share insights with other producers.

Via the startup’s application, multiple producers can connect and share tips on how to improve their harvest from sowing to reaping as well as pricing options. In true social media style, users can upload videos and pictures of their crops. As a result, others can view the content, comment, and share.

The app also allows them to view quotes for the commodities within the region in which they’re located. Not to mention news updates on agriculture.

The agrotech also offers a paid version of the application.

Atomic Agro at a glance

The startup currently has 4,000 producers registered on its app and put together, they’re responsible for soy harvests in an area the size of 1.5 million hectares. Most of these are located in the southern part of Brazil.

Further down the road, Atomic Agro aims to serve as a marketplace for credit-line access, as well as for the exchange of agro products like pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers.

Bruno Matozo conceived the concept for the startup in November of 2017. Then, he, Ricardo Giannini, and Gustavo Guimarães founded Atomic Agro later on in 2018.

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Agrotech will just keep growing

There’s Argentinean Agrofy that’s aiming to be the Mercado Libre of agriculture. And now there’s Atomic Agro that aspires to become the Facebook/Twitter equivalent.

In any case, they’re just subtle signs of a call for greater productivity in Latin American agriculture. And a great fertilizer for more productivity is technology.

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