Brazilian eCommerce startup Shopper raises R$10 million

brazilian ecommerce startup  shopper raises r$10 million
brazilian ecommerce startup shopper raises r$10 million

Written by Carolina Zepeda

Contxto – Brazil’s online supermarket, Shopper, recently raised R$10 million (approximately US$2.6 million) during a July investment round led by Canary. Former Renner CEO José Galló, Grupo Martins’ Juscelino Martins and 99/Yellow co-founder Ariel Lambrecht also joined. 

This is Canary’s second recent collaboration with Shopper following its R$4.5 million (approximately US$1.1 million) investment this past June. 

What can Shopper do for you?

Shopper is a monthly subscription-based delivery service for nonperishable food items, toiletries, beverages, utilities and even pet food or craft beer. It is a simple process based on consumers’ needs and consumption. Just add your necessities to the virtual shopping cart and schedule delivery.  

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about running out of groceries with Shopper since the platform anticipates users’ needs. Before the pantry runs dry, it sends emails or texts to clients to let them know when it’s time for them to fill up and program their next shipment. 

“Our goal is to help consumers organize and plan purchases,” said Fábio Blanco, CEO of Shopper, who founded the company 2015. “We deliver what the user needs, like toothpaste or toilet paper, even before they miss it.”

Asides from having everything you need packaged and delivered to your home, the company offers optimal prices compared to some of its competitors. While shopping over the platform, you can compare prices to see how much money you save with Shopper

What’s so novel about Shopper?

Well, let’s reiterate that in June the startup had already raised R$4.5 million from Canary. Fortunately for the company, the funding won’t stop there.

One of the reasons that Shopper is so attractive to investors is that the startup can accurately predict which products will be delivered throughout the month. This way, the company better maintains its inventory and reduces costs.

Another unique aspect of the company is its business model. That’s to say, it doesn’t have any supermarket partnerships or purchasing staff.

Rather, all of the products are bought directly from the industry and taken to the company’s own distribution center in the Barra Funda region of São Paulo. This lowers costs even further, according to Blanco.

“Sending a person to the market to buy the products increases the cost of the chain. Our prices can be up to 12 percent cheaper because of this.” 

Bright but competitive future

As of today, Shopper works in over 500 neighborhoods in the cities of São Paulo, Santana de Parnaíba, and Barueri.

Among rivals such as Rappi, iFood and even Walmart now offering delivery, there’s plenty of competition, though. The new funding will reportedly go towards expanding and implementing new marketing strategies. 

With more than 2 thousand items on its catalog, Shopper is the go-to delivery service platform for your monthly shopping needs. Plus, free shipping just makes everything better. 


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