Flapper to scale marketplace for private flights in more of Latin America

Flapper is democratizing access to private flights.

Contxto – While many commercial airlines around the world are filing for bankruptcy, Brazilian Flapper and its marketplace of executive chartered flights are faring well.

The startup for private aviation told Contxto that after four years of operations, last June it experienced a positive income flow for R$60,000 (~US$11,000)

Flapper also reported that sales have increased by almost 200 percent within the last couple of months. Its sudden growth was ironically fed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

With cancelled flights from commercial airlines, Brazilians abroad turned to Flapper to fly ‘em home.

And now it’s setting its sights on new horizons in Latin America to offer its flexible flight services.

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Private jet, anyone?

Much like a typical booking site to reserve a seat on a commercial flight, for Flapper’s executive flights, users enter their location and destination. The app then showcases the routes and pricing available to them.

Flapper currently connects users with 450 planes, the majority of which are in Brazil. Aircraft are sub-chartered from commercial or private companies and have the blessing of the ANAC, the corresponding aviation authority.

Likewise it boasts 200,000 flyers registered on its app. Though it hopes to hit one million users in five years.

What’s next for Flapper

The startup expects international travel to slow down as those abroad have already made it home. However the company is betting on a rise in domestic flights. Flapper has seen this trend in the US and believes it will be replicated in the Latam region.

It also anticipates a surge in private flights as opposed to commercial ones because people want to avoid the risk of contagion.

Consequently, its next step is to launch on-demand flights in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile before year’s end.

With technology, shifts in consumer habits, and a bit of luck brought on by Covid-19, for Flapper, the sky’s the limit.

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