Hotdog! Fazenda Futuro’s latest creation is sure to make you drool

hotdog! fazenda futuro’s latest creation is sure to make you drool
hotdog! fazenda futuro’s latest creation is sure to make you drool

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Contxto – Hotdogs just got more eco-friendly and contain less animal cruelty. Rio de Janeiro-based Fazenda Futuro announced this month that it’s serving up meat-free sausages in Brazil and Europe. They’ll be available on shelves and restaurants come next April.

The skin on this “Sausage of the Future” is made from seaweed and is said to sizzle like pork and has that crispy texture that makes anyone drool.

Ugh, I’m getting hungry just writing about this… 

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Fazenda on achieving price and flavor

Interestingly, one user on a vegan website pointed out that the price of these products isn’t ideal. 

And that’s precisely one of the challenges this foodtech is taking on.

“We continue with our goal of [evolving] with the new versions of our meat and reaching a volume that allows us to be cheaper than animal meat,” said Marcos Leta, Fazenda Futuro’s Founder.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance plant-based food and make it as “meat-like” as possible is another big issue foodtechs like this Brazilian startup and others like Chilean NotCo face.

Another approach in terms of flavor is using biotechnology to reproduce the cells in meat muscle, as Argentine Cell Farm Food Tech is doing. That way, it tastes 100 percent like meat, but no cattle were killed in the process.

Of course, this method too is also dealing with being a cost-effective option. Given that current processes with bioengineering “meatless meat” aren’t cheap.

On what not to say to a vegan/vegetarian

As a vegetarian in Mexico stating that I don’t eat meat has often led to raised eyebrows and comments perhaps every other vegetarian or vegan has faced. 

Examples include: “You don’t eat tacos?!”; “You’re probably malnourished due to the lack of protein.”

Then there’s my personal favorite: “But plants can feel too, so you’re hurting them.”

To which I say:

It’s just a matter of habit and adapting your lifestyle choices. 

Personally, I hope that as our consumption habits evolve, and startups like Fazenda and NotCo spread their meat-free alternatives throughout Latam and the world, things change.

In the meantime, I’ll just take the commentary in stride.

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