Kviv Ventures invests R$5 million in Nutrebem to help combat childhood obesity

kviv ventures invests r$5 million in nutrebem to help combat childhood obesity
kviv ventures invests r$5 million in nutrebem to help combat childhood obesity

ContxtoNutrebem, the school cafeteria payment system from Brazil, landed R$5 million (around US$1.33 million) from Kviv Ventures to help combat children’s obesity.

With this third investment round for the company, Kviv joins the cap table next to other stockholder’s, such as Confrapar and Barn Investimentos. This is Kviv’s fifth investment. Currently, the company has raised a total of R$15 million, which is approximately US$4 million.

What is Nutrebem?

Nutrebem is a payment and tracking system to help parents monitor children’s nutrition and eating habits at school. According to the company’s Crunchbase profile, this is an important tool to address the childhood obesity issue.

How does it work, you may ask? Well, first the system evaluates the actual nutritional characteristics of the school cafeteria’s menu, and through the payment platform, they’re able to recognize many consumption patterns and trends.

With this data, the company can influence schools to offer more nutritional alternatives.

As a kid, I loved to eat tacos and drink soda during lunch breaks, but perhaps it wasn’t the healthiest alternative. Now, parents will be able to track their kid’s habits with more accuracy and take action if needed.

With Nutrebem’s technology, parents place the balance, expenses and nutritional intake of their children during school lunch breaks. As simple as that!

We are very excited about this moment and the feedback from cafeterias, parents and students. We will invest in the team, the product and marketing to grow 100 percent in 2019 and reach 300 schools.

Henrique Mendes, Nutrebem’s CEO & founder

Currently, the company is growing three digits year over year and it’s the biggest consumption database in Brazil.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about these guys!


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