Data analytics startup raises US$247,000 to keep businesses abreast of regulatory issues

data analytics startup raises us$247,000 to keep businesses abreast of regulatory issues
data analytics startup raises us$247,000 to keep businesses abreast of regulatory issues

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Contxto – In Brazil, an investment for R$1.3 million (little over US$247,000) injected some gasoline into startup Sigalei’s transparency platform.

This investment round was led by GVAngels. While Allievo Capital and SL Anjos also participated. The near quarter of a million dollars invested in Sigalei are meant for it to develop its platform’s natural language processing (NLP) potential and autonomous learning.

Sigalei offers data for better decision-making

Maybe the development-of-autonomous-learning bit would make more sense if we explained Sigalei’s secret recipe.

Through advanced data mining, Sigalei offers customers the political and regulatory problems that can impact—in both a positive and negative way—the business environment within a country.

“Gathering information from public, legislative, and executive opinions, we cross-check data and present regulatory acts, bills, and social movements to clients. That enables them to make strategic, data-driven decisions. [It also] highlights signs that tend to go unnoticed by the market,” said Frederico Oliveira, CEO and co-Founder of Sigalei.

Now the development of natural language processing makes more sense, right?

What caught investors’ attention?

Cross-data analysis proved to be quite interesting for GVAngels.

Wlado Teixeira, Executive director of GVAngels said

Sigalei caught our attention for several reasons: it has a very competent team, it offers a very relevant service for quick decision-making for important client companies, and it’s made a profit as of its first year of operations.”

Now Sigalei has, not only a solid team and a trustworthy platform, but it’s also backed by an experienced fund to keep moving forward:

“We now have access to the GVAngels network of relationships. Members participating in the investment are qualified professionals and can generate highly efficient and high performance mentoring: with more investment, [comes the] development of new and better products,” Frederico added.

Winning a couple of awards back in 2015 allowed the startup to develop its technology and minimum viable product (MVP). Likewise, the startup currently works with legislative assemblies, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and the Federal Government in Brazil.

The importance of transparency in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is clear, especially given the uncertain times we’re facing. 

Sigalei’s modest investment could be the decision-making tool that seals the fate of more than one startup these days.

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