AI: the Robin to doctors’ Batman in the fight against coronavirus?

ai: the robin to doctors’ batman in the fight against coronavirus?
ai: the robin to doctors’ batman in the fight against coronavirus?

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Contxto – Artificial intelligence (AI) mixed with triage may just become our greatest ally in this fight against coronavirus (Covid-19). And building the tech to help us in that direction is Chilean startup, Cognitiva

Under “normal” circumstances, Cognitiva is all about developing AI-based solutions and has six products in its portfolio tendering to various areas in healthcare, retail, legal, among others.

But it’s also channeling its AI know-how to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now find a chatbot on its website online and ready to answer the most common questions regarding the disease. What’s more, it also lets you answer a few questions to help determine if you’ve been infected with the bug.

In addition, the startup intends to partner with the government and use this system to track the spread of the disease based on the data submitted by patients and doctors.

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Chatbots, triage, and coronavirus

We’ve previously discussed how there are chat systems with real living, breathing doctors that talk to patients to address their health concerns regarding Covid-19 or any other malady. 

Although, these heroes too can get tired and be overloaded with work. So much like our favorite Caped Crusader, they need some backup.

And that’s where AI technology is providing them some relief. 

As an initial point of contact with patients, the system can help make an initial diagnosis based on their symptoms. The system can then determine the severity of their case and channel them to a real doctor or simply tell the user to stay put at home.

The data gathered by these types of systems help governments get a rough sketch of how the disease is spreading.

Moreover, AI tech’s applications in the struggle to control Covid-19 go far beyond chat systems.

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AI to the rescue?

It’s also being used in airports for example, to quickly measure the temperature of passersby for signs of a fever, a common symptom of coronavirus. Machine learning is even being put to use to analyze X-ray scans of lungs and help doctors from that angle.

Beyond doubt, these innovations are most welcome. 

Nevertheless, AI is still taking off and consequently needs a helping hand and surveillance from the Batmans (healthcare professionals) of this world. 

But they do make for a Dynamic Duo, don’t they?

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