0% human interaction; MUY opens its first contactless restaurant in Colombia

MUY says users can place their order at a kiosk within its contactless restaurant.
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Contxto – Colombian MUY is taking the next step in bringing technology to the food and beverage industry.

Last Wednesday, the startup announced the launch of its first contactless restaurant in Bogotá. 

This store is under pilot-testing in Colombia, however, MUY reports that thus far, users’ response has exceeded expectations. And if results prove favorable enough, more of its locations would be refitted under this more automated model. 

A project like this doesn’t come cheaply. Regardless, the startup had previously raised US$15 million in a Series B round led by ALLVP last year so those funds likely helped.

The foodtech is currently operating in Mexico and Colombia, but it hopes to run some pilot tests in Brazil.

muy opens contactless restaurant in colombia
MUY opens contactless restaurant in Colombia.

MUY and the new contactless experience

According to José Calderón, CEO and co-Founder at MUY, it’s the first time a store with zero human interaction is launched in Latin America.

Customers just place their order and pay via a kiosk. For the moment its system accepts cash as well as credit and debit cards. But further down the line, MUY hopes to implement transactions via QR code. Undoubtedly, it’s a must-have for a true contactless experience.

Once their meal is ready, the person picks it up from a designated locker within the establishment and bon appetite.

If they have questions or concerns, there’s a bell to receive further assistance from staff working within the restaurant.

Balancing flavors in a restaurant

MUY’s latest venture sounds efficient if you’re an office worker who wants a quick bite. It’s also an innovative approach to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, as MUY explains that its kiosks’ screens are consistently cleaned.

There have been other approaches to transforming restaurants. For example, through apps and systems that automatically share the Wi-Fi password or provide users a digital menu on their phone.

But this type of experience isn’t savory in every scenario. 

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Chatbots and touchscreens can’t provide the warm service a living, human being like making recommendations, cracking a joke, even sharing a sincere smile. Assuming staff has been properly trained to offer quality service, that is.

In any case, remedial tasks can easily be delegated to tech without killing the moment.

So in the end, it’s like the dishes the restaurant prepares: It’s all about balancing the flavors between fresh innovation and the human touch for a delightful eating experience.

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