– Apple is reportedly working on a home robot that can follow users, though its specific functions remain unclear.

  • The company has also developed a display with robotic movement capabilities for teleconferencing, designed to track speakers.
  • Recent AI advancements in multimodal large language models have reignited interest in consumer and enterprise robotics applications.

    Apple’s hardware engineers are reportedly developing a robot designed to follow users within their homes, according to a recent Bloomberg report. While the robot’s specific functions have not been disclosed, the project is said to be in its early stages.

    The report also reveals that Apple has created a display with built-in robotics capabilities, enabling it to move and follow speakers during teleconferencing sessions. Although this product is more advanced than the home robot, Apple executives have reportedly questioned its consumer and business appeal.

    The news comes amidst significant advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly in multimodal large language models that can understand and communicate with users about real-world objects. These developments have energized robotics companies and attracted venture capital investment in the sector.

    As AI continues to progress, it is expected to drive further innovation in consumer and enterprise robotics applications, potentially opening up new markets and use cases for companies like Apple to explore.