Influur plans to expand its fintech services for content creators

Influur is an innovative startup founded by four women that has positioned itself as a significant intermediary between brands and influencers.

Four Latina entrepreneurs, Paula Coleman, Estefany Oliveira, Valeria Angelini, and Alessandra Angelini, have brought to life Influur, an innovative startup positioned as a go-between for brands and influencers. Despite initial hurdles, where some investors showed skepticism due to the team’s female predominance, these women have proven that diversity is a potent catalyst for success. They now eye the fintech sector to establish themselves as one of the top services for content creators.

Think of Influur as a specialized version of LinkedIn for content creators. It’s a virtual space where collaboration opportunities arise and influencers scout their next big project. Influur’s story began in 2020. Surrounded by a small group of initial investors, these visionaries saw an expansion demanding more resources and talent.

“We were driven by the vision of achieving a global presence. But to do that, we had to delve into the intricate world of financing, an uncharted area for us,” comments Paula Coleman, COO of Influur.

Against expectations, they met their pre-seed investment target and vastly exceeded it, raising $780,000. Notable figures like Juan Pablo Zurita and Sofía Vergara believed in them. “That funding was a turning point, allowing us to structure our technical area and better understand the startup ecosystem,” Coleman recalls.

Influur’s momentum didn’t stop there. In their seed round, they secured 5 million dollars, garnering attention and backing from icons like Thalía and Mario Ruiz.

Influur in the fintech sector

Another significant milestone for the company was its shift into the fintech realm. Partnering with the Point72 fund, helmed by Steven Cohen, Influur solidified its role in influencer marketing and ventured into transaction processing in critical countries like Mexico and the US.

The turn towards the fintech sector emerged from an actual demand: creators longed for a reliable financial platform, especially on US soil. Thus, Influur has ambitious plans, including the rollout of physical cards.

Yet, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. A Crunchbase report highlighted a troubling trend of dwindling funding for female-only-led ventures, from 14m in 2019 to zero in 2020, plus only 2.3% of venture capital funding goes to female-led startups.

Looking ahead, 2024 is shaping up as the year of global consolidation for Influur. “We hope to inspire other women, showing that the tech world holds no bounds for us,” states Paula. Meanwhile, Alessandra adds: “Being women in this field is not just a unique stamp; it’s the driving force pushing us to change the game and make a difference.”.

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