Contxto – Global tech giant Apple recently showered a very special superlative onto Flipaclip—an Argentine app providing a promising platform for drawers and animators to evolve their craft. Awarded the distinction of “App Trend of the Year,” the company that began in 2009 is finally gaining the recognition it deserves.

“We work very hard to create a canvas so that these incredible animators can express themselves,” said founding brothers Jonathan, Marcos, and Timoteo Mesón, originally from Argentina’s Tucumán province. From the sounds of it, they attribute this recent success to the creative folks utilizing their technology. 

By success, we mean market validation for this animation technology. With that in mind, the venture strives to empower creative folks from across the globe. To manage this, it supports people in creating their animations using traditional methods, such as frame by frame drawings.

“Our mission is to provide inspiration and innovation to all the world’s creatives, whether professional or not,” said the brothers. “We are working to make this community connect much more with each other.”

To accomplish this, the Argentine startup will soon launch a “Discover” section to include educational content and creative inspiration. All in all, the application hopes to nurture creative expression rather than hinder or limit it. 

Animation platform

What began as a concept on a piece of paper in 2009, eventually turned into an app in 2012. In the promotion of innovation and creativity, Flipaclip provides a network for artists to publicize their work.

“It is through their imagination and creativity that we got here,” added the brothers. We are really glad to see that the magic they do every day has recognition. This award validates all our effort and makes us want to work even harder, and continue to put love and passion into what we do and make a difference.”

As of today, this startup is an effective resource for cartoonists and animators trying to make it big. All things considered, customer love is one thing that Flipaclip truly embodies.

On Instagram, Flipaclip reportedly has 40,000 followers, in addition to over 208,000 YouTube subscribers. The app is available both on iOS and Android.