Argentine Frizata to expand food e-commerce site into Brazil and Mexico

argentine frizata to expand food e-commerce site into brazil and mexico
argentine frizata to expand food e-commerce site into brazil and mexico

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Contxto – One startup harnessing the power of tech to create and deliver food is Argentine Frizata.

This startup hosts an e-commerce site where users can view meals on a menu, pick the most delectable options, and then Frizata delivers the food straight to the user’s door, or at specific pickup points. No intermediaries needed. 

The startup reported that its expansion plans are aimed at Brazil, and eventually Mexico. However, no specific timeline as to when that’ll happen was provided.

Among its other food-related ventures, as of September of last year, Frizata released a vegetarian burger into meat-loving Argentina.

Who says you can’t have it both ways?

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Food e-commerce

Entrepreneurs Adolfo Rouillon and José Robledo launched the startup as a solution for delivering accessible and nutritious meals. To develop the products displayed on its e-commerce site, the startup harnesses big data insights from its consumers.

And it’s targeting Brazil. In that market there’s already a similar model with which it may compete, the recently acquired Lucco Fit with its healthy frozen meals.

After which, Frizata’s next stop is Mexico, the second largest market of consumers. Hopefully, it brings its veggie burgers when it does make its move.

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Vegetarian/vegan food showdown?

When it comes to startups developing plant-based meat, Latin America has quite a few contenders.

From Santiago, there’s NotCo. And this startup released its alternative meat option in partnership with Papa John’s this month. Its other products are currently only available in Argentina, Brazil, and (obviously) Chile. Artificial intelligence (AI) “NotChef,” Giuseppe uses his algorithms to design the startup’s plant-based food.

There’s also Fazenda Futuro that’s expanded both within Brazil and initiated sales abroad in Europe. This startup uses a mix of consumer feedback and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop its meatless meat.

And Argentine Frizata has thrown its chips into the foodtech game. As of last September, it launched its vegetarian burger, “Friburger.” 

At the end of the day fintechs are always en vogue in Latin America. 

But as of late, there’s lots of foodtechs rising and gaining attention for their meat-free solutions.

Is this the sign of an emerging and edible trend?

This vegetarian thinks so.

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