This startup is giving Covid-19 patients some breathing room

this startup is giving covid-19 patients some breathing room
this startup is giving covid-19 patients some breathing room

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Contxto – Hospitals across the globe are facing shortages in protective equipment for its staff such as face masks. Meanwhile, medics and patients alike suffer due to ventilator shortages. These devices are critical in intensive-care units as they help severely ill coronavirus (Covid-19) patients breathe as the bug wreaks havoc on their lungs.

So to provide some relief, startup Inventu Ingeniería and the National University of Rosario (UNR) are working to develop a ventilator that will cost less than US$2,000 and that’s specifically designed to take on Covid-19. 

No doubt their goal is to provide healthcare centers saturated with coronavirus cases some breathing room.

High-tech, low-cost ventilator

Open Source Ventilatorthis startup is giving covid-19 patients some breathing room

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this startup is giving covid-19 patients some breathing room

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The ventilator has an open-source design.

According to its creators, this ventilator can be massively produced with ease since it’s made of very accessible materials. Its easy-to-find components are also another reason for which the engineering team believes it can be produced quickly.

And beneath the ventilator’s metallic exterior and touch screen is some serious tech.

For one, it’s designed to connect to the Wi-Fi and 4G networks not to mention it has GPS connectivity. All this communication mumbo jumbo means the ventilator is harnessed to work as an Internet of Things (IoT) device as well.

That means that doctors can gather and analyze patient data through their phone or computer remotely. As a result, there will be a lower number of people in direct contact with an infected patient.

In addition, the ventilator can measure the patient’s pressure and oxygen levels. Medics can appreciate its more user-friendly touch screen too. Thanks to this feature they don’t have to tamper much with the ventilator to make any necessary adjustments.

Inventu’s prototype in process

Last week, the Inventu Ingeniería and UNR team tested their ventilator prototype alongside healthcare experts. 

And it’s reported that if everything continues to run smoothly and they’re given the green light from the corresponding authorities, the device will be ready for production and release soon. By the entrepreneurs’ estimates, around 100 ventilators can be made per week.

A ventilator under US$2,000 would save tons of money as it’s reported that they usually cost around US$40,000.

We shouldn’t put a price on someone’s life, but unfortunately budgets are proving to be just as constraining on healthcare as Covid-19 is on a person’s lungs.

In that sense, hopefully startups like Inventu Ingeniería can give everyone a breath of fresh air with their solutions.

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