Satellogic is finalist in global competition for its satellite technology

satellogic is finalist in global competition for its satellite technology
satellogic is finalist in global competition for its satellite technology

Contxto – From its offices in Buenos Aires, Satellogic continues to shoot for the moon. The Argentine startup has been nominated for Via Satellite’s 2019 Satellite Technology of the Year Award.

It is the only Latin American startup in the competition. Specifically, the startup is being considered for its Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC). 

This long and vague name refers to a model the startup developed that allows governments to have more control of their fleet of satellites over a certain area.

So besides accessing quality satellite imagery, through the DSC, decision-makers can better manage these costly assets and take appropriate action public policy-wise

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The future of DSC and Satellogic

Awards aside, the DSC looks to be a promising product by its own means. 

As you may recall, last year, Chinese data science company ABDAS partnered with the startup to provide an entire fleet of satellites for the country’s Henan province. Through the partnership, the provincial government would have access to the DSC.

It was a pretty huge deal at the time (and it still is). This is so because, in China, it’s rare for an international company to act as a provider for space imaging services. And no doubt the Asian country’s large satellite industry is a prime prize for the picking.

And last December, the startup raised a US$50 million investment, and once again Chinese Tencent contributed with funds.

These events leave me thinking. 

If the Henan-ABDAS partnership is yielding positive results, then it won’t be long before other provinces want to sign up too. Moreover, it wouldn’t be unusual for Tencent and ABDAS to make some warm introductions in that regard.

A major market awaits the Argentine startup. And it’s in an enviable position, as entering this “final frontier” is no easy feat.

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