You need to know what you put in your body. Meet the meat blockchain platform

you need to know what you put in your body. meet the meat blockchain platform
you need to know what you put in your body. meet the meat blockchain platform

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Contxto – Consumers want to know what’s on their plate and they’re demanding businesses be clear about it. And when it comes to transparency in the product supply chain, blockchain technology is usually the missing link. And there are often more concerns where meat is involved.

So it’s not surprising that one of the world’s top meat producers, Argentina, is also developing solutions in that direction. Blockchain startup Carnes Validadas will soon launch its blockchain platform.

Blockchain platform to meat consumer needs

Through its solution, the startup hopes to add more transparency and traceability to the meat supply. In other words, effectively document the process of beef from the farm to your plate.

In a statement, Carnes Validadas noted that, while it is a business to business (B2B) solution, its application extends all the way to consumers.

“Thanks to our platform, a consumer can scan a QR code on a piece of meat packaging at the supermarket, butcher’s shop, or from a dish at a restaurant,” explained the startup. “That way the consumer can see everything that took place to put that cut of meat in front of him or her.”

And because the devil is in the details, users will even know what businesses were involved, pictures of where the cow was, and even the type of feed it was given.

The startup also hopes to help consumers know if they’re really getting the meat they’re paying for. As there are some really pricey cuts and not all producers and vendors are honest about what they’re charging.

Data and visibility to act

Recent developments with coronavirus (Covid-19) are teaching us it’s important to know where our food comes from. But it’s not the only case. Diseases from poultry and other livestock also constitute a major health concern.

In that sense, the traceability blockchain offers can help stakeholders keep more tabs on where sketchy meat comes from.

Of course, that means they have to be willing to fork over that information. And perhaps not all producers will be too eager to disclose the type of feed they give livestock—let alone display the conditions in which they keep these animals.

The other issue which blockchain can’t solve as easily are the informal markets that can be found throughout Latin America. Meat from these parts often comes from very small, often family-owned producers.

In that sense, it’s up to consumers to pressure producers and logistics parties to be accountable and ethical in their practices. 

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