Takenos, Argentine Fintech, Sets Sights on Mexico with 80,000 User Goal

Arriving with a 20,000-strong user base, Takenos targets significant Mexican market expansion.
Takenos, Argentine Fintech, Sets Sights On Mexico With 80,000 User Goal
Takenos Argentine Fintech Sets Sights On Mexico With 80000 User Goal

Takenos, the fintech startup providing financial solutions for workers receiving money from abroad, has announced its expansion into the Mexican market with ambitions to acquire at least 80,000 users there by year-end.

Founders Lucas Posada, Joaquín Herrera, and Simón Bouche, the latter recently relocating to Mexico City, spearhead this move, aiming to capitalize on the transborder transfer hub between Mexico and the U.S.

Designed as a dollar-denominated digital wallet, Takenos caters to freelancers and remote workers in Latin America, facilitating easier and more cost-effective access to international earnings, including options for stablecoin and local currency withdrawals. The platform addresses the finance management challenges of the digital workforce, particularly appealing to younger generations disillusioned with traditional banking solutions.

With a diverse client base extending beyond entrepreneurs and freelancers to professionals like gamers, lawyers, and influencers, Takenos has already doubled its user count to over 20,000 in early 2024. This growth, coupled with a supportive Latin American entrepreneur network, underpins its Mexican market entry strategy, joining other Argentine fintechs like Pomelo and Ualá in the expansion.

Looking ahead, Takenos plans regional growth across Colombia, Peru, and Chile, and the introduction of a global payment card and an interest-earning account feature.

Simón Bouche emphasizes the platform’s deep understanding of cross-border financial challenges unique to Latin American professionals, positioning Takenos as a pivotal financial bridge for the region’s digitally employed.

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