The Argentine startup,, has caught the attention of NASA with its comprehensive tool for sustainable agriculture. The platform allows for crop monitoring, environmental indicator management, and the achievement of sustainable objectives.

The recognition comes from NASA Harvest, a global consortium focused on food security. Agriculture plays a crucial role in global food security due to various challenges.’s pilot project covers 10,000 hectares of crops in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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Producers share information through the CropStoryTM platform, gaining economic benefits and access to a more competitive market.’s traceability enables the assessment of the environmental impact of pesticides, proper use of fertilizers, efficient nutrient management, and estimation of CO2 emissions.

Marcos Botta, Co-Founder and CIO of, demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with the scientific community to address agricultural challenges and climate change. The objective is to improve food quality and people’s lives worldwide.

What does it mean for agrofintech companies in Latin America?

  • Recognition and visibility:’s recognition by NASA provides greater visibility for Latin American agrofintech companies in the agricultural and technological sectors at the international level.
  • Collaboration opportunities: The partnership between and NASA Harvest opens doors for potential collaborations between regional agrofintech companies and international organizations. This can lead to joint projects and the development of innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.
  • Boost to the entrepreneurial ecosystem:’s success has a positive impact on Latin America’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, inspiring other agrofintech companies to develop technological solutions to address agricultural challenges and attract the attention of investors and potential partners.

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