OXXO and Botmaker launch AI-Based chatbot

The new WhatsApp chatbot has engaged in six times more conversations with users since its launch, bolstering OXXO’s presence in the Brazilian market.
OXXO Botmarker Artificial Intelligence OXXO Botmarker Artificial Intelligence
Photo: OXXO Botmeker

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OXXO, a Mexican-origin convenience store chain operated in Brazil by Grupo Nós, has made a significant leap in consumer experience by integrating an advanced WhatsApp chatbot. Thanks to a strategic collaboration with Botmaker, a leading platform in Latin America for developing artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, OXXO has managed to intensify its interactive campaigns, offering customers in Brazil a more efficient and personalized service.

The chatbot, which has multiplied conversations with users by six since its launch, showcases how OXXO is adopting the latest technologies to improve customer communication.

“This partnership with Botmaker has enabled us better to meet the needs of our customers and our brand. Now, through WhatsApp, our customers can check promotions, find the nearest store, and stay up-to-date with market news, all in a pleasant and surprising tone of voice,” says Camila Assis, Head of Marketing and External Communication at Grupo Nós.

Botmaker’s innovative generative AI technology, combined with its recent Knowledge Base feature, allows the chatbot to be trained quickly and automatically with qualified brand information, providing accurate responses and covering a broader range of topics.

“We’ve created a bot that responds in the brand’s natural language, with rich content in images and videos. The entire ecosystem has been considered to offer OXXO’s omnichannel experience, directing customers to the best channel to meet their needs at the right time,” states Alfredo Bitencourt, Sales Manager of Botmaker Brazil.

The level of engagement achieved with the chatbot since its launch is remarkable. The monthly recurrence of customers interacting with the bot has been significant. The number of sessions is six times higher than the number of users, indicating that users return to the channel to interact with the chatbot. This high participation rate, with customers interacting on average twice a month with the bot, highlights the value it brings to the users.

A study conducted by Ipsos, a market research and consulting firm, reveals differences in AI acceptance across various Latin American markets. Peru leads with the highest approval rate, where 70% of participants see more benefits than disadvantages in this technology. They are followed by Mexico, with 65%, and then Colombia and Chile, with 64% and 63% respectively, indicating a positive attitude towards AI.

In contrast, Brazil and Argentina show lower receptivity, with less than six out of ten people having a positive perception of AI’s impacts. These nations exhibit the lowest levels of support for AI adoption in the region. However, the implementation of functional tools based on this technology, like OXXO’s chatbot, may lead to increasing approval in Brazil in the coming years.

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