The need for this kind of data has sparked various conflicts, including legal battles over unauthorized use of creative content.

A notable transaction has surfaced. An unnamed AI company has agreed to pay Reddit $60 million annually for access to its extensive collection of user posts, highlighting the immense value of user-generated content in the AI development race.

This information, first reported by Bloomberg, underscores the intense demand for data to train AI systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

This isn’t the first instance of AI developers purchasing large volumes of text data. Previously, Axel Springer secured a deal with OpenAI for its publications’ content.

However, the Reddit deal stands out as it involves content freely provided by users, raising questions about the compensation for these contributors. The identity of the AI company remains undisclosed, fueling further intrigue.

Reddit’s leadership faces criticism for monetizing the platform potentially at the expense of its community, highlighting a broader debate on the ethics of using public forum data in AI training without user compensation.