Fixtoe Sets Foot in France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Mexico

From the labs of Universitat Jaume I, Molecular Sustainable Solutions unveils Neodys, a game-changer in sterilization tech, at Transfiere 2024.
Fixtoe Sets Foot In France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, And Mexico
Fixtoe Sets Foot In France Italy Poland Switzerland And Mexico

Tucked away in the scientific haven of Espaitec, Molecular Sustainable Solutions, Fixtoe a spin-off of Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, is making waves with its latest innovation, Neodys.

Revealed at Transfiere 2024, this groundbreaking sterilization method promises to overhaul the medical devices sector by offering a safe and efficient alternative to ethylene oxide—a chemical with a notorious rap sheet.

Carlos Estévez Company, the CEO at the helm, is not just selling a product; he’s pitching a revolution in sterilization across the medical, food, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Neodys distinguishes itself by ditching the traditional reliance on hazardous chemicals for a more eco-friendly, on-demand sterilization solution. This technology significantly slashes water and energy consumption, streamlining sterilization processes while being kinder to the planet.

Neodys’s secret weapon? An automatic generator that produces the active sterilizing agent right where it’s needed, cutting out the environmental cost of plastic packaging and the disposal of dangerous waste. This innovation is not just about doing things better; it’s about doing them right.

Thanks to the support from UJI LAB Impulso, a program designed to bridge the gap between university research and market reality, Molecular Sustainable Solutions is gearing up to commercialize this patented technology. The journey from lab to market is fraught with regulatory hurdles, but Molecular is already engaging with healthcare and industrial sectors for pilot projects, and is actively seeking financing to fuel its journey.

The backdrop to this innovation story is the CV+i Comunitat Valenciana initiative, a concerted effort by universities, tech institutes, and business federations under the Valencian government’s wing. The goal? To foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem in the region. And it’s at Transfiere, Europe’s premier knowledge and R&D transfer event, where Neodys takes center stage among solutions poised to transform sectors like circular economy, healthcare, and digitalization.

Transfiere 2024 is more than an event; it’s a melting pot of ideas and innovations set to shape our world. From the Innovation Room to the Science Room, and through the corridors of Andalucía Knowledge, it’s where the future is being written. For more on this pioneering conference, visit

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