Able-On, an innovative startup in the mobility sector, has reached a key milestone by completing its first funding round totaling R$ 7.25 million. ITA Frotas, a prominent fleet vehicle rental company, led the game. The Able-On platform has garnered interest for its adaptability and customization to meet the specific business needs of each client.

Able-On’s artificial intelligence technology enables them to process data in real-time and turn it into valuable solutions and information for business decision-making. According to Normano Ribeiro, co-founder and CEO of Able-On, the platform can adapt to various sectors, such as medicine distribution or the food industry, requiring specific analysis like temperature control in transport vehicles.

The funds raised in this round will be used to expand the platform’s AI capabilities and develop intelligent and disruptive solutions. Until now, Able-On has focused on each client’s particular needs, whether in fleet management or in monitoring valuable assets. With this new investment, the company will also offer solutions focused on asset maintenance and health and invest in personnel and marketing.

Able-On simplifies logistics through artificial intelligence, offering software and service solutions (SaaS) complemented by hardware for data collection, using IoT devices and telematics solutions (HaaS). The company currently has two main products: On-Drive and On-Data.

The mission of Able-On is to solve three critical problems in the mobility segment through artificial intelligence: low automation and operational inefficiency for each client, the challenge of working with high-quality data in real time from diverse sources, and the absence of an integrated solution that allows system interoperability.

With its focus on innovation and adaptability, Able-On positions itself as a leading company in the mobility field, offering solutions that improve operational efficiency and drive digital transformation in the sector.