Contxto – There’s a nostalgic beauty in old gas stations. Unfortunately, aesthetics doesn’t pay the bills. But rather customer loyalty and sales do. In that sense, many stations in Brazil struggle to stay profitable. And that’s where startup ClubPetro comes in with its software.

And while it’s already made itself present in almost 1,000 gas stations in Brazil, ClubPetro is already laying the groundwork for its international jump into Peru.

SaaS for gas stations

ClubPetro didn’t emerge as a startup on its own.

But rather, members of the Pires family developed the software as a loyalty program to increase sales at their gas stations. 

It proved to be such a hit, that they began to sell it and eventually, the project evolved into a startup in its own right. Now ClubPetro leases its technology under a software as a service (SaaS) model.

And it’s gone on to expand on the products it offers.

So alongside offering a customer loyalty solution, it also harnessed the power of data for business intelligence.

Through ClubPetro’s software, a station manager gets a clearer picture of operations and customer behavior. And that’s because the system tracks the number of new customers that arrive, generated revenue, profiles for each user, among other useful insights.

And if there’s a need to draw in more consumers, the startup also helps deploy targeted SMS campaigns, based on a user’s profile.

All of which is aimed at improving sales.

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Customer loyalty perks

Meanwhile, customers also benefit by signing up for the loyalty program and registering under the station’s system. For example, they can accumulate points which are then traded for prizes.

Users can also evaluate the station’s attendant who filled the tank to ensure quality service and notify the station if they were given the amount of gasoline for which they paid.

The startup currently tenders to 4 million consumers gathered on its database from 980 stations across Brazil. Nonetheless, ClubPetro aims to double its customer base this year. And according to its co-founders, there are 44,000 gas stations in Brazil. 

So international expansion or not, there’s still plenty of room to grow back at home.

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