Brazilian construtech and proptech accelerator MITHUB announces Talk and Mentoring programs

guilherme-cunha- zwozqxdbd -unsplash web
guilherme-cunha- zwozqxdbd -unsplash web

Contxto – Brazilian startups developing disruptive solutions for both the construction and real estate markets can look forward to a boost of support with MITHUB’s new Talk and Mentoring programs. Set to begin this December according to StartSe, this effort coincides with predictions that the “construtech” market may grow to be worth $1.5 billion in 2020.

For many construtechs and proptechs, the timing for this new endeavor couldn’t be better. While progress has been made, some lament how these industries are among the slowest in adopting new innovative technology—the disruptophiles, at least. However, some may interpret the influx of startups within the verticals as a sign of improvement.

“Between 2016 and 2019, we went from a scenario of just over 250 startups to over 800 currently,” said Bruno Loreto, Terracotta Ventures founder and MITHUB ambassador. 

“While in 2018 about US$356 million were invested in startups in this segment, in 2019 we should close the year with more than US$1.5 billion contributed to startups that add solutions to this vertical.”

Lecture and mentoring series at MITHUB

Like a TED Talk series, the agenda for MITHUB Talks entails informative lectures from industry experts. Based on this, they will promote new methodologies, concepts, not to mention knowledge, all for the sake of digital transformation.

Similarly, MITHUB Mentoring ensures that entrepreneurs will be able to work alongside market experts. This way, startups can better overcome marketing challenges while accelerating their business models. The organization will launch an open call for this event in December, all while receiving community support.

For entrepreneurs trying to make a splash in the sector, this programming will certainly provide some incentives. Some of these include validating business models, landing customers, not to mention developing product-market fits. 

Much of this program aims to strengthen the supply chains and vertical ecosystems within these economic areas. What this entails is increasing value, knowledge sharing, in addition to networking, for both entrepreneurs and partnering companies. In the end, the general goal is optimization.


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