Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Brazilian health-tech SaaS Feegow Clinic raises R$20 million

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Some doctors in Latin America aren’t exactly known for their tech-savviness. In fact, many are traditional handwriting enthusiasts rather than fast typers. Well, Brazilian software company Feegow Clinic is hoping to revolutionize the entire industry to switch up these paradigms. 

In Summary

The startup recently landed a R$20 million (approximately US$5.2 million) deal with DNA Capital, a Latin American healthcare venture fund. Born in 2009, the company’s mission is to optimize the day-to-day of clinics all across Brazil.

“Our partnership with DNA Capital through the investment made in Feegow is paramount for the growth we are looking forward to in the coming months,” said Silvio Maia, CEO of Feegow. “Our staff is growing, we are expanding our service potential, and we understand that (now is) the moment is to accelerate to achieve the goals.”


Feegow Clinic provides a SaaS to hospitals, healthcare institutions, and doctors to better manage day-to-day operations. Rather than storing patients’ information in file cabinets like the good old days, the software company provides a holistic platform in order to, not only store data and information, but interact with patients as well. Think of it as an electronic health record (EHR) on steroids.

There are also databases for prescriptions, diagnostics, report templates, in addition to around 200 distinct features.

Some of these include split payments, telemedicine, appointment scheduling, patient facial recognition, as well as direct authorization for agreements. Many customers seem pleased with the SaaS due to its convenience and reassurance. Lastly, clinics can also track their financials and business metrics without having to switch back and forth between apps or sites.

“I traded my old system of over five years for Feegow and I am quite satisfied with the difference,” said Dr. Renata Roxo, a dermatologist. “I can access it from anywhere and with the guarantee that I don’t run the risk of losing my patients’ information.” 

The company is currently offering services to many hospitals and institutions across Brazil. Some of these include Sensivita Clínica de Saúde, Granato, Centro Médico Pastore, and Doctare. Its management system is also operable on both web and mobile. 

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