This year, the company is focusing on expanding its capabilities to allow clients to integrate their processes and facilitate communication among users and departments. The goal is to save time and optimize the work hours of its employees.

The enhanced features of the platform include workflow automation, customizable approval levels, advanced settings, flexible transaction categorization, and integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These features enable companies to decentralize internal payments while maintaining control and traceability. They also automate processes and provide complete, accessible data as needed. Moreover, Conta Simples is investing in streamlining bank reconciliation and simplifying integration with other tools.

Stenyo Lago, CPTO of Conta Simples, states that the platform’s new functions are designed to increase efficiency and transparency for businesses. “We are committed to adding utilities to the platform that allow financial teams to delegate tasks while maintaining budgetary control and ensuring total visibility of their resources,” he explains.

The development of this solution aims to grow Conta Simples’ client base, serving companies across all industries. The focus is on engaging managers in various fields and promoting rich and comprehensive information exchange, thereby improving processes and enhancing operations.

Lago emphasizes the goal of transcending traditional financial services by enabling business professionals who manage and execute budgets to shift away from exhaustive manual work. Instead, they can focus on adding value to the business through analysis, research, and intelligence, ultimately enhancing the operational capabilities of their clients.