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Contxto – Brazilian edtech, Descomplica, is making a serious investment in its own future. Up until now, the startup has been helping applicants prepare for university entrance exams through its online platform. However, now it wants to become a higher learning institution in its own right. 

Note that such a venture does require some serious money which is why the edtech announced it will be investing R$55 million (about US$10 million) to launch Faculdade Descomplica in the second half of 2020.

Classes in accounting, administration, human resources, and education will be available to up to 300 participants. Likewise, Descomplica plans to open more slots and coursework later on.

E-learning as we knew it

We’re all quite familiar with how most e-learning platforms work. Usually pre-recorded or live classes are held for 45 minutes to two hours online. And… that’s it. 

But let’s be real. For some learners, it’s not always simple to focus within a classroom setting. Now, within a virtual one, it’s much easier to get sidetracked. 

So despite the abundance of e-learning platforms, they’re not necessarily tailored to a remote setting and our ever-shortening attention spans.

Consequently, it’s these pain points that Descomplica wants to address with its upcoming online school. 

Learning bit-by-bit through Descomplica 

First off, the edtech will launch more “bite-sized” lessons for students wherein a single class will consist of a five minute-long video. For every batch of five videos, a student takes a test to review what they learned. They’ll also be able to interact with others.

In addition, Descomplica’s classes have the Brazilian Ministry of Education’s seal of approval. The only non-digital component in the project is that some tests will have to be taken in-person.

The startup aims to expand both in terms of accepted students as well as coursework in the future. To that end, it wants to offer 20 new degrees in 2021. Some of this coursework means the startup will hire more teachers, developers, and media producers to generate this content.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of e-learning platforms and that has big implications for edtechs everywhere, as Marco Fisbhen, Descomplica’s Founder said:

“We are dealing with coronavirus, online education is no longer the future. It is the present.”

If you can think of more approaches in innovating the current e-learning model, the way Descomplica did, I want to hear all about it!

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