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Contxto – Being stuck indoors sounds like the perfect excuse to no longer work out since the gym is closed. But if anything, it’s crucial now more than ever that we exercise even if it’s from home.

That’s why this week, startup Gympass announced it’s launching various new products. Among which is a platform so its partnering gyms and fitness centers can offer online content for their customers.

In that sense, the Brazilian unicorn is doing some heavy lifting of its own to help gyms remain open and users stay active.

Sedentary gyms

In some countries where the startup operates, the government has mandated that gyms be closed so as to deter the spread of Covid-19. And while it’s necessary, it also hurts these businesses’ chances of survival since they’re unable to enroll new customers and their cash flow is cut.

Likewise, a few of Gympass’ corporate customers may be wondering what’s the point in paying for their employees’ memberships to access the startup’s network of gyms if they’re all closed.

All of this sums up to pose a major threat to businesses’ financial health, users’ physical health, and the unicorn’s income. 

But startups like Gympass aren’t the sort to sit on the sidelines.

Gympass pumps up its offerings

To tackle these issues, the startup stated it’s launched a platform on its app where partnering gyms can offer live classes. To partake in them, users need to register and pay via a booking system. 

And that way members can continue seeing and interacting with their favorite trainers from the local gym and stay fit. Meanwhile, the gyms get a stream of income from those who participate.

In addition, it’s partnering with Glofox—a gym management software developer—to offer paid classes to those who aren’t Gympass users. 

Lastly, sources report that the startup will offer recorded fitness classes via a third-party platform called Wexer.

Competition is strong

The Brazilian startup’s competitor, ClassPass, is also deploying similar initiatives due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In any case, they’ll face others from the region like Peruvian Fitco and its streaming fitness platform, Butiq.

Moreover, all of these startups will compete with content that’s freely available on the internet. Examples include YouTube videos and exercise regimes on social media.

Although when it comes to users, it just means we have more to choose from.

So stop making excuses and start working out.

Work Out At Home, Keep Gym Instructors Employed

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