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Contxto – Brazilian healthtech VivaBem achieved two milestones. Last Monday (16) the startup’s Co-founder, Ian Bonde announced the startup raised US$2.5 million in a seed round led by Swedish Webrock Ventures. In addition, Bonde stated that VivaBem (ViBe) partnered up with Doktor.se, a telemedicine startup based in Stockholm, Sweden.

VivaBem will use these funds to expand further into Brazil as well as improve its product, a platform for employee healthcare.

Its alliance with Doktor.se is also strategic in terms of product development and soon VivaBem will offer a screening system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

“Our integration with Doktor.se’s digital platform will allow us to do digital triage using AI to better classify and understand patients’ demographics and history,” explained Bonde in written correspondence.

“[Thus] resulting in improved and speeded-up care and also allow for further integrated care with our platform’s functionalities.”

In sum, this will make long-distance medical consultations all the more efficient.

Thanks to digital triage software, patients better understand the next step in their care process. All the while, doctors can more accurately screen patients and their symptoms to provide the necessary remedy.

All through the magic (science) of AI.

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Live well or “VivaBem

Ian Bonde and Ricardo Joseph co-founded VivaBem in 2018. And its app has a plethora of features that lets users monitor their health goals, take on challenges, consult a doctor, or even listen to meditations. 

Meanwhile, companies benefit from more productive employees. And that’s because the startup analyzes its staff’s overall health, identifies key areas and groups. After, it works with team members and leadership to tackle these concerns. Whether it’s obesity, mental health, diabetes, the startup looks to diagnose and help.

As you may have noticed, the startup currently works under a B2B (business to business) model for which it has collaborated with over 20 corporate companies. Among which are familiar names like Volkswagen and McDonald’s.

However, work is underway to develop solutions catered to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as individuals. 

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Shifting culture on healthcare

Among its other ongoings, the startup also announced it’s enabled a free chat system so users can speak to doctors and nurses. No doubt this is aimed at helping tackle the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 

No doubt the pandemic has shifted our views about big things like global disease control. But also in apparently “trivial” matters like washing our hands.

Nonetheless, it’s also opening up users’ consideration of solutions like telemedicine to manage their health. Especially when located remotely and/or the healthcare system is overloaded with cases.

In Sweden, the startup reports telemedicine is already making a profound impact on the population’s views of digital healthcare. Now thanks to its partnership, VivaBem hopes to bring Doktor.se’s insights to the vast Brazilian market.

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