Jobecam secures R $2 million investment from BID Lab to promote inclusion and diversity

Jobecam, HRTech specializing in Diversity and Inclusion, receives R$ 2 million from BID Lab to combat biases in talent selection.
Jobecam BID Lab
Photo: Jobecam

In a breakthrough for the world of technology and inclusion, the HRTech startup Jobecam has successfully secured an investment of R $2 million from BID Lab, the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank. This platform, which fosters diversity and inclusion in talent selection, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate biases and prejudices.

Of the 11 innovative solutions recognized from Latin America, Jobecam stood out, representing an effective solution to combat discrimination. This new funding will be channeled to enhance Jobecam’s tool further to diversify and optimize the selection process. Moreover, they aspire to increase the number of people from traditionally underrepresented groups in companies by up to 70%.

This funding initiative by the BID Lab, titled “Gender and Artificial Intelligence,” drew in 66 solutions, working in collaboration with the Regional Alliance for the Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology (fAIrLAC). Additionally, they were supported by tech giants such as Accenture, Amazon Web Services, and Globant, among others.

Cammila Yochabell, founder and CEO of Jobecam, expresses her enthusiasm and gratitude for the investment:

“After a year of intensive training and learning, this funding and the validation it represents not only solidifies Jobecam’s technology but reinforces our mission to humanize selection processes. We are focused on valuing essential skills, without biases based on physical characteristics or origin.”

Backed by BID Lab, Jobecam aims to strengthen its presence in Brazil and continue combating algorithmic biases in talent selection. “We want to demonstrate that AI can be used fairly, combating its misuse in the selection and highlighting human value,” Camila emphasizes.

Advancing with innovations, Jobecam has recently introduced dynamic 3D avatars. These allow candidates to interact with evaluators in real-time, but with a representation that inverts gender and displays characteristics of underrepresented groups. This concept seeks to ensure that individuals are evaluated for their skills and not by stereotypes.

Jobecam’s achievement is not limited to this investment alone. The startup was also recognized among the top 10 startups in Latin America:

“Being among the top solutions in Latin America and being one of the two selected Brazilian companies demonstrates the value and impact that Jobecam is bringing to the job market,” concludes Cammila Yochabell.

The report The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020, released on June 25 by Startup Genome, highlights five Latin American cities for their prominent potential in the global startup ecosystem. Out of 270 cities from 100 emerging markets, Mexico City and Bogotá lead the Latin American list, each excelling in different fields
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