Contxto – Latin American holding company Grow Mobility keeps growing and with it, its plans for Latin America. Today, we have a two-for-one in news related to Grow Mobility, specifically concerning its subsidiary, Grin. Firstly this startup recently expanded into Zapopan, Mexico. And second, it announced on Wednesday the launch of Grin Prime back in Brazil.   

Grin in Zapopan

As the startup known for its green-colored e-scooters, Grin is already quite recognizable in Mexico City. However, as of December 2, it’s also officially running in Zapopan, México. Within a week of operations Grin reported around 10,300 app downloads. This resulted in 3,500 trips according to a recent press release.

These numbers sum up to an average of 500 daily trips.

It’s easy to understand why Grin chose Zapopan. This place is a densely populated and well-to-do part of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second most inhabited city.  

Grin Prime reaches Brazil

For the people of São Paulo who frequently use Grin’s green e-scooters or Yellow’s yellow bikes, they may now be able to save some money through Grin Prime. 

Thanks to this subscription service, users will pay R$15 (almost US$4) a month and they’ll be exempt from unlocking fees. Additional perks and discounts for Grin Prime in Brazil have yet to be disclosed. Although perhaps they may come in the future.

Keep in mind that Grin Prime doesn’t apply for Yellow scooters as unlocking these is under an exclusive agreement with Rappi’s application.

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As of this year, Grin Prime is already available in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay. Nonetheless, what’s unusual about the case of Grin Prime in Brazil was why there was such a delay in releasing it there. 

Perhaps it was a matter of sorting out that whole Yellow app versus Grin affair. A colorfully confusing story that ended in Yellow’s app being scrapped and Grin holding some control over some vehicles while Rappi got some others.