Contxto – A venture capital (VC) giant emerges this week in Brazil. It’s name: KPTL. How it came to be was the result of São Paulo-based A5 Capital Partners buying 75 percent of Inseed Investimentos. Through this merger, KPTL now has around R$1 billion (approximately US$246 million) under management and 46 companies in its portfolio. 

This makes it one of the largest VCs in the Latin American country. 

New Vc Investment Giant Is Born; Say Hello To Brazilian Kptl

The motives behind this unusual merger are summarized by the VCs’ determination to build a more robust and multidisciplinary team. As part of the proceedings, founding partner and CEO at Inseed, Gustavo Junqueira will become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at KPTL.

KPTL, the all seeding VC?

KPTL looks to be an ambitious and all-seeing VC. No joke, it will cover a wide array of models, industries, and startup phases.

For example, KPTL will be interested in both business-to-business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) startups. Obviously this is the result of the interests of its two founding components.

On one hand, 10-year-old Inseed Investimentos loves early-stage tech startups, preferably B2Bs, so it’s brought this focus to the merger. Meanwhile, A5 Capital Partners has worked both the B2C and B2B angle and has over 15 years of experience under its belt.

In addition, KPTL will manage four tech funds that cover multiple stages of a startup from seed to growth. Another result of this merger is that the VC will work with startups from multiple sectors from agribusiness, energy, health—I could go on.

As for future plans, KPTL wants to nearly double the number of assets under investment management and reach R$1.9 billion (approximately US$468 million) by 2020. Further down the line, in 2021, it aims to have 70 companies in its portfolio.

KPTL may be a newborn, but neither A5 nor Inseed are spring chickens in the VC game. Ultimately, the combination of their know-how paints to make KPTL a major player for the startup scene.