TUL, the innovative B2B platform specializing in construction materials, has become a comprehensive market, expanding its reach to Brazil and Mexico. With this expansion, TUL has increased its capacity to manage up to 20,000 monthly shipments. This transformation marks a milestone in TUL’s commitment to use technology to raise living standards in Colombia, where it has been operating for over three years and already has an impressive customer base of 10,000 buyers.

TUL’s CEO and co-founder, Enrique Villamarín Lafaurie, explains that this shift towards a marketplace model directly aligns with TUL’s goal of improving living conditions across Latin America. This is achieved by optimizing the construction sector’s supply chain, which is crucial for the region’s economic and social development.

“This change to a marketplace aligns with our goal of improving living conditions throughout Latin America by enhancing the construction supply chain.”

According to Stratista’s data, in 2021, the Mexican construction industry’s market value exceeded USD $120 billion, positioning Mexico as the leading construction sector country in Latin America. The Brazilian industry followed in second place with an approximate value of USD $73 billion, and Colombia completed the podium with a value of USD $24.81 billion.

The TUL Model

Through its online platform, TUL’s new business model provides easy access to a wide range of construction products from various distributors. This approach modernizes the traditionally manual and tedious construction materials purchasing process. “Our platform is designed to help hardware store owners compare prices and products efficiently and online, making their buying process much faster and simpler,” says Lafaurie.

In its first year under this new marketplace model, TUL aims to partner with over 300 distributors and serve around 10,000 customers each month. This endeavor represents a significant step forward in the company’s growth, focusing on enhancing customer experience and expanding its reach in the competitive Latin American market.

With this evolution, TUL seeks to strengthen its position in the construction materials market and aspires to be a catalyst in transforming the construction supply chain in Latin America. Its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation makes a notable difference, offering customers a more efficient, accessible, and modern way to acquire the materials needed for their construction projects.