Contxto – Fan videos could soon become Brazil’s newest sensation, epitomized by Hello Fan and its recent capital injection from various investors. As one of the first of its kind, the startup recently raised R$500,000 (over US$120,000) to scale its feel-good video model.

Celebrity video-shoutouts in Brazil

Similar to the U.S. unicorn Cameo, Hello Fan provides a platform for famous folks to pay tribute to their devoted followers. Involved in this fundraising were Brazilian angel investor Joao Kepler, financial influencer Thiago Nigro, as well as entrepreneur Kaka Diniz. 

Kepler vouches for Hello Fan’s seamless operations on both sides of the equation as user and contributor. That’s to say, the app allows users to personally request video-shoutouts from a growing group of Brazilian all-stars. In turn, they record the video over the same interface, sent directly to the recipient.

“I personally used the platform as both a fan and idol, tested, paid, received and went through the whole process,” said the financial expert. “It went wonderfully well, all in line with my expectation. Plus, the founders know what they want and where they can go.”

As far as competition goes, Hello Fan also allegedly outshines its peers, according to Kepler. “In the market, you are either the pioneer or the best. In the analysis and studies we have done, Hello Fan is undoubtedly the best in every way today.”

While this isn’t a whole lot compared to other investments, it’s certainly a sign of progress worthy of recognition. After all, the company only launched in July and has already created hundreds of professional videos shared across the internet.

Once Hello Fan ends its validation and beta testing, it will expand operations across Brazil with the fresh funding. This will involve diversifying celebrities, in addition to funding new and improved marketing efforts.

Fan video in Brazil

Whether it be for bachelor parties, birthday, motivational inspiration, or even asking somebody out on a date, Hello Fan can make any special occasion all the more festive. Well, if not festive, then at least a bit more hype than expected.

In my opinion, the fact that Hello Fan connects devotees to their idols makes this model all the more impressive. Even better, both the fan and the idol can request or record videos over one streamlined platform.

“For fans, access to these idols isn’t easy,” said Marcus Coelho, founder of Hello Fan. “This is where this business model works, making it easy for people to get exclusive videos for congratulations, encouragement, and even reviews from people who mean a lot to them.”

So far, Hello Fan has recruited prominent Brazilian comedians, musicians, soccer players, Olympic athletes, YouTubers, among others.

Although this business may seem like special PR, co-founder Carina Tavares stresses that Hello Fan isn’t for brand promotion. Rather, it’s more about showing appreciation for your role models or fanbase.

“Requests to please a customer, motivate an employee or for an internal company get together are very welcome,” said Tavares.

If you could request a personalized video from a favorite hero or heroine, who would it be and why?