3 Latam biotechs GaneshaLab will soft-land in the United States

3 Latam Biotechs Ganeshalab Will Soft-land In The United States 3 Latam Biotechs Ganeshalab Will Soft-land In The United States
3 latam biotechs ganeshalab will soft-land in the united states

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Contxto – GaneshaLab will lead the market soft-landing of three Latin American startups following their acceleration program. The lucky three, Soleit.app and BeeTechnology from Chile plus Colombian Sci Phage, will soon make their debut in Massachusetts and California.

These three startups were the fourth generation winners of this scale-up boutique’s accelerator program for biotechs. During four months, these startups’ leaders received coaching and training in negotiation strategies, mentoring to enhance their business model, as well as improvements in operations. 

All this preparation was led by GaneshaLab to garner a more successful insertion into a foreign market. With the acceleration program complete, GaneshaLab will connect these biotechs with key partners in the United States.

GaneshaLab, going international

This organization was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. Nonetheless, it’s got global horizons at the forefront of its activities. Under the leadership of its founder, Markus Schreyer, GaneshaLab strives for science and technology-based startups to scale up at an international level.

Among its network of mentors are investors like Juan Carlos Muñoz from ChileGlobal Ventures. It also relies on business development experts like Gregory Mannix from Life Science Nation in Boston. 

Biotech in itself is eye-catching for the meaningful impact it can have on the wellbeing of people or other living creatures. However, do remember that it comes with serious legal and ethical implications. Consequently, it’s important that startups do leverage mentoring and networks wherever possible. 

These valuable contacts can give important insights as to the dos and don’ts of a target market. Such efforts will save founders and their teams tons of headaches. As a result, it’s within this niche that GaneshaLab’s contributes to the startup ecosystem.

Three Latam biotechs go to market

As for the three startups who will soft-land in the United States, here they are:


Founded in 2016, this startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to create orthotic insoles tailored to each patient. Soleit.app ensures the “perfect fit” by factoring a person’s way of walking, physical structure, and clinical history.


Unbeknownst to most, human’s busy friend, the bee is in trouble. Habitat destruction threatens this charming—and essential—little insect. But in addition to that, a disease known as American foulbrood also threatens its existence. But thanks to the scientific minds at BeeTechnology, a protein-based product is being developed to destroy the bacteria that causes this malaise.

Sci Phage

The only Colombian startup in the batch, Sci Phage was co-founded in 2014 by Ángela Olguín. This biotech is on a mission to improve the health of humans and animals alike by reducing the use of antibiotics. For this biotech, it’s possible through the use of phage technology. Phage are natural microorganisms that can fight off bacteria. Accordingly, Sci Phage seeks to use these microscopic warriors to fend off harmful diseases.


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