Ainwater Wins BID Funding for Rural Water Treatment in Chile

The BID Lab grant will be used to deploy AI-enhanced water treatment technologies in rural areas, aiming for broad regional impact.

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  • Chilean startup Ainwater utilizes AI to optimize rural water treatment.
  • Received BID Lab’s AquaCerta funding for “digital twins” technology.
  • Plans expansion to improve 80 rural sanitary services in three years.

Ainwater, a Chilean firm specializing in AI for water optimization, secured funding from the BID Lab’s AquaCerta initiative, designed to foster innovation in Latin America’s water and sanitation sector.

The company’s proposal includes using AI to develop digital twins technology, enhancing efficiency in water treatment plants across rural regions. This funding, which could range between $250,000 and $400,000, is earmarked for projects in the Metropolitan and Valparaíso regions.

The company’s shared in an interview with Ex Ante, that their focus is on sustainable models for rural sanitation services. With the awarded funds, Ainwater plans to implement its technology in two rural sanitary services initially, with ambitions to scale up to 80 services within three years.

This plan is part of a broader strategy to enhance water management practices in remote areas, thus supporting community sustainability.

Ainwater’s approach involves creating digital replicas of water treatment plants to simulate and optimize operations. This technology not only predicts and manages system behaviors under various scenarios but also reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

The funding, structured as a contingent recovery fund, necessitates repayment, aligning with Ainwater’s commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate practices.

Behind the innovation at Ainwater are founders like Camilo Huneeus, a chemical engineer with a vision to integrate water treatment with electronic and data sciences.

Supported by a team that includes biotechnical engineer Martín Concha and data scientist Marcos Pérez, Ainwater is expanding its footprint, operating in Chile and Mexico, with plans to enter the Brazilian market.

Their clients include major corporations like Agrosuper and Nestlé, highlighting the startup’s growing influence in the water treatment industry.

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