Baaskit Launches in Chile with Financial Market Commission Approval, Introducing ‘Banking as a Service’ for Enterprises Using API Technology

Led by Ricardo de Tesanos Pint, Marcelo Garcia and their team

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Baaskit has recently received authorization from the Financial Market Commission, is preparing for registration. The company will introduce ‘Banking as a Service’ model to the Chilean market.

The ‘Banking as a Service’ model focuses on providing businesses, especially large brands, with embedded financial services within their value offerings. This approach aims to shift the traditional client-provider relationship, allowing companies to offer financial services under their own brand. Initially, Basquit is starting with payment solutions, integrating these services into the purchasing process of customers at retail points or online.

Baaskit differentiates itself by using API-based technology, enabling seamless integration of financial services with client systems like CRM or applications. This integrated approach is designed to enhance customer loyalty, brand development, and sales conversion. Baaskit’s target market includes large enterprises with a substantial customer base, offering solutions to improve customer purchase experience, increase conversion, and reduce costs.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News