Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Betterfly acquires six companies in Chile and Brazil

The four companies belonging to Kunder Group, as well as Brazilian startup Xerpay, will merge with Betterfly.

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Chilean wellness and insurance platform Betterfly announced the acquisition of Kunder Group and Xerpay for an undisclosed amount.

Kunder and its four companies (Nesto, Racional, ProSueños, and HeyPay!) and Brazilian startup Xerpay will merge with Betterfly after the acquisition.

Betterfly allows organizations and its employees to improve their health and lifestyles. Among other services, the platform awards the users’ healthy habits with life insurance coverage.

Eduardo della Maggiora, co-founder and CEO of Betterfly, mentioned that the result of these acquisitions will be “offering a series of additional products and services to our clients, and most importantly, taking a giant step towards our vision of protecting the future of 100 million families.”

The company aims to reach this goal by 2025. That is why this series of acquisitions is quite strategic.

By merging these companies with its platform, Betterfly will also triple its number of employees and add a series of new offerings to its portfolio.

More portfolio, more countries

These are the new companies that will merge with Betterfly:

  • Kunder Group: the Chilean company offers fintech solutions focused on people/user experience. HeyPay!, a digital wallet to receive payments and wire money online, is also part of the group, as well as ProSueños, who offers digital gift cards for employees; Nesto, that allows users’ acces to their earned salary; and Racional, a tool for easy investment and savings.

  • Xerpay: the Brazilian startup allows employees early access to their salaries. Its goal is to avoid having employees seeking high-interest lenders with predatory practices.

In early September, Betterfly also announced its partnership with Icatu, Brazil’s largest independent insurer. This relationship could allow Betterfly to reach 50 million families in the next years, which would be a big push toward’s the company’s goal for 2025.


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