The chilean accelerator Imagine announces expansion to Europe and the United States

With a solid track record and an eye on expansion, Imagine not only positions itself as a change agent in Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem but also as a global player in the dynamic world of startups and innovation.
accelerator chilean Imagine
Imagine is ready for other markets | Photo: Linkedin / Imagine

Business incubators and accelerators significantly boost startups seeking growth, consolidation, and entry into international markets. These entities offer financing, a perspective, methodology, and specialized support that enhances the reach and success of young companies. In the Chilean contextImagine has stood out notably in this area.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Imagine has left a mark on Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Over this decade, it has positively influenced more than 600 entrepreneurs and has funded around 120 innovative startups. Javier Cueto, managing partner of Imagine Ventures and a key figure in the accelerator, reflected on Imagine’s beginnings:

“We emerged with the purpose of providing an entrepreneurial and business perspective to the backing of startups, incorporating an innovative approach to investment and authentication of these projects. Our journey began at the end of 2013, and by 2015, we had formalized our first batch of investments.”

Beyond the numbers, Imagine has woven a vast collaborative network. It has established relationships with more than 150 specialized mentors, partnered with 50 large corporations throughout Latin America, and built bridges with more than 40 global partners. The 13 most prominent startups under its tutelage boast a total valuation exceeding USD $250 million.

Imagine with an Eye on Expansion

Looking ahead, Imagine doesn’t stop. At the beginning of next year, plans are in place to launch an ambitious acceleration program in the United States, aiming to expand the reach of Latin American startups in the North American market. In parallel, the accelerator is focusing on strengthening its corporate innovation consulting division. The goal is clear: to firmly establish itself in more regional countries and venture into the old continent.

Javier Cueto, delving into their European aspirations, stated:

“We have set our sights on Europe, specifically Spain, as a starting point. By the first half of 2024, we can launch our consulting services in corporate innovation, cultural change, and training in the country. Additionally, we are in the process of consolidating an alliance with Madrid Platform. Our vision is to be a bridge that boosts investment and expands startups between Latin America and Europe.”

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