Contxto – With Coca Cola being a cultural staple in many parts of Latin America, not to mention innumerable inhabitants’ notorious sweet tooth, type II diabetes is an undeniable issue throughout the region. 

Often underreported is the fact that diabetes can cause ulcers. These occur when there are nasty germs that sometimes cut off circulation, often resulting in life-altering amputations.

Keeping this in mind, the Chilean healthtech Cuperscience debuted a treatment to combat diabetes-related wounds this past summer. This development is certainly innovative. Known as Cuperstan, it combines copper and aloe vera to treat these complications before it’s too late—meaning amputations. 

This is apparently the first treatment of its kind. More so, it will reportedly be available in 10 health centers in Chile. 

“Cupersan hopes to be the Chilean alternative for diabetic patients with wounds that can limit their daily lives, both in terms of their mobility and mood,” said Rafael Méndez, COO of Cuperscience. “In the same way, going out to the world is part of replicating these good results, with a product developed in its totality national raw materials (copper and aloe vera).”

Amputations in Chile due to diabetes

According to La Tercera, there are nearly 2,000 annual amputations in Chile due to wounds that never heal. Along with this diagnostic, approximately 80,000 diabetics suffer from foot ulcers and forced to remain in permanent rehabilitation. Not only is this treacherous for the patient but also expensive for individuals and public tax money. 

Foot ulcers are particularly dangerous for diabetics because of the risk of maceration, or decay. 

“Diabetic foot ulcers have exacerbated levels of [proteases] that degrade dead tissue and also degrade the tissue that is regenerating,” said Mr Méndez. “We are now able to stop the progress of proteases.”

Therefore, what Cuperscience wants to accomplish is a holistic treatment plan to avoid these procedures due to diabetic foot ulcers. For those who may be unfamiliar with this condition, it is an infection that forms in the foot when microorganisms adhere to bacterial biofilms, causing a sort of “buffer” where bacteria can thrive.

In the process, antibodies and antibiotics are unable to alleviate the body from those pathogens.

To better defend against inflections, Cupersan Clean is used to spray infected areas. From there, a Cupersan Gel goes on in the second stage to maintain low bacterial levels. This substance containing copper ions reportedly has high adhesive properties, making it useful as a moist compress.