LobbyControl from Chile develops rescue app to aid firefighters in tackling blazes

lobbycontrol from chile develops rescue app to aid firefighters in tackling blazes
lobbycontrol from chile develops rescue app to aid firefighters in tackling blazes

Contxto – As wildfires ravage Australia, other nations are devising new methods to tackle climate change-induced environmental disasters. In a country like Chile, prone to a miscellany of inclement weather, including wildfires, LobbyControl is one startup that has developed a rescue app to assist firefighters in tackling blazes

To better prepare responders to enter enflamed buildings, entrepreneurs Nicolás Uribe and Joaquín González launched LobbyControl last month to address such emergencies. Being firefighters themselves, the two conceptualized this idea for rescuers while working at the department in Concepción. 

“One night, we stayed up late talking; I came up with the idea to obtain information for every building in Concepción,” said Uribe to Publimetro. “After all, we were the specialists for fires with a lot of height. Also, González wanted to have all of the information available by means of QR codes on vehicles since we also specialized in rescues.” 

Rescue app for firefighters 

In hopes of preventing firefighters from entering the scene blindsided, LobbyControl provides potentially life-saving data about building structures. This way, first responders can more effectively navigate properties, essentially knowing the ins-and-outs of structures before entering and risking their lives.

“Our service stores the information of buildings such as wet networks, dry networks, floor plans, evacuation routes, boxes of scales, etc. and makes it available to firefighters through a plan within an application,” added Uribe. “Only they have access and it’s free.”

With this in mind, emergency teams only need to scan a QR code to receive all of the crucial information they need for a successful mission. Within 15 seconds, they get access to data that could very well save their lives (and others’) in the process. 

Not only does this include all-encompassing blueprints but also the presence of hazardous materials. For another layer of security, the platform even specifies if children, elders or people with disabilities live on the premises. 

According to reports, the forestry, construction, real estate, and security sectors are all interested in utilizing LobbyControl’s solution. Even more, the young company has also done surveys in Colombia, the United States, Argentina, and Peru, meaning international expansion is just a matter of time.

Corfo support for LobbyControl 

Recently, LobbyControl was one of 60 initiatives that raised over CLP$25 million (more than US$32,000) from Corfo. Meaning Production Development Corporation, Corfo is Chile’s government-sponsored economic agency known for providing financial assistance and guidance to qualified ventures.

Now that the app has been developed, the LobbyControl founders are now reportedly pursuing the officiation of the company. At the same they, they intend to recruit more team members. 


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