Stasher, the British startup founded in 2015 with the purpose of connecting travelers with local hotels and businesses for luggage storage, has achieved one of its goals: establishing a presence in Latin America through its online platform. With eight years in the market, it already has 3,000 hosts worldwide and has found a customer base primarily in Europe and the United States.

The entry into Latin America was made possible through its partnership with the Chilean startup AirKeep, founded in 2018 by Cristóbal Matte, Ariel Muñoz, and Francisco Echeverría. AirKeep offers a network of over 250 locations available for luggage storage in the region’s major cities.

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This collaboration has proven successful for both parties, as revenues generated in Latin America quadrupled from the first month after transferring AirKeep’s operations to Stasher. Thanks to Stasher’s technology and the efforts of the team behind its operations, locations such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Santiago experienced a significant increase in reservations, attracting more tourists to these facilities and allowing them to consume their products and services.’s future plans include expanding its network of hosts in Latin America to over 1,000 establishments, adding new hotels, hostels, and local businesses to its platform.

What does this expansion mean for Latin American proptech companies?

  • Increased competition: The entry of an established proptech company like Stasher in the region intensifies competition in the local market for technological solutions in the real estate and tourism industries.
  • Collaboration opportunities: The partnership with the Chilean startup AirKeep demonstrates that there are opportunities for Latin American proptech companies to collaborate with foreign enterprises and leverage their expertise and technology to enhance their services.
  • Boost to innovation: Stasher’s arrival may stimulate local proptech companies to innovate and improve their own platforms, aiming to stand out in the market and offer more attractive and efficient solutions for customers and tourists.

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