Colombian Fintech Finaktiva Surpasses US$1.3 Billion in Transactions in 2023

CEO credits the achievement to key products like factoring and the Finaktiva as a Service platform, alongside solution integration.
Colombian Fintech Finaktiva Surpasses Us$1.3 Billion In Transactions In 2023
Colombian Fintech Finaktiva Surpasses Us13 Billion In Transactions In 2023

This marks a significant year with a 61% increase in revenue and a 34% rise in the number of disbursements. Pablo Santos, co-founder and CEO, attributes this remarkable success to the company’s strategic focus on key products such as factoring and the innovative Finaktiva as a Service (FaaS) platform, as well as the seamless integration of its comprehensive solutions including lending, Supply Chain Financing (SCF), and cash management services.

Throughout the year, Finaktiva not only achieved financial growth but also reinforced its commitment to sustainable business practices by obtaining B Corporation recertification. Additionally, the company launched an Advisory Committee program specifically designed to support female entrepreneurs in their strategic and sustainable growth endeavors. Santos further extended his leadership within the industry by taking on prominent roles in the Andi Del Futuro board and Ruta N.

Despite the economic challenges faced globally, Santos emphasized Finaktiva’s steadfast belief in the pivotal role of businesses in driving the country’s economy. The company remains dedicated to supporting Colombian entrepreneurs and SMEs, viewing this support as crucial for economic growth, market stability, and wealth creation.

Looking forward, Finaktiva sets its sights on doubling its growth, internationalizing its product offerings, and establishing itself as a strategic ally in cash flow management for SMEs. In 2024, the fintech aims to expand its international product portfolio and solidify its position as a key player in the Latin American business ecosystem.

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