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Contxto – It’s easy to think of coronavirus (Covid-19) in terms of its economic impact. It’s even more simplistic to view it as something that’s hurting people faraway and that it won’t affect us personally and we’re the exception to the problem. 

John Caviedes—Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Colombian logistics startup, Quick—begs to differ.

One Logistics Startup's Approach To Helping The Elderly During The Pandemic
John Caviedes, CPO at Quick

“There’s a lot at risk, even our families” he said over the phone. “I have my mom and she’s seventy years old.”

As a result, Quick told Contxto that it’s working on a solution to facilitate deliveries for the elderly.

Quick’s priorities

Quick has had a 48 percent rise in logistics-related requests due to coronavirus within a two-week span. And it’s also had to shift its product features and priorities as a result of the pandemic.

One of the tweaks its tech is experiencing is route optimization so deliveries are completed even faster, thus satisfy rising demand. 

One Logistics Startup's Approach To Helping The Elderly During The Pandemic
Like other logistics startups, Quick has had to train its staff on how to safely complete deliveries and avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Moreover, its user interfaces are being redesigned to tender not only to its corporate customers, but individual users as well.

John Caviedes also went on to explain that new channels of communication are being developed to tender to the elderly that may need their medication picked up from a pharmacy or groceries delivered. This new communication feature is being piloted with a partnering company.

Truly this is a big help as not all senior citizens have nearby family members to rely on for these tasks. And it’s this need the Colombian startup wants to cover.

“One can hope that [additional] resources are developed to help people above the age of seventy,” said Caviedes.“They’re the most vulnerable population when it comes to coronavirus.”

That’s why he considers they should be prioritised by logistics solutions so as to deter them from leaving home. 

Quick is doing its part, hopefully we’ll soon learn of others doing their share too.

Go digital, but do so considering others

Like it or not, Covid-19 is pushing us towards digital solutions to receive food, communicate, and even for medical consultations. And for Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z none of this is groundbreaking. 

But when thinking in terms of our parents or grandparents you realize the gap in tech knowledge is greatly affecting their lifestyle more than our own.

So, not only are they more vulnerable to the disease, but they’re also often left on the fringes of product design and tech.

It’s time to empathize and think about them when developing solutions related to Covid-19.

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