Rappi pushes for a cash-free Latin America with latest service

Rappi Pushes For A Cash-free Latin America With Latest Service Rappi Pushes For A Cash-free Latin America With Latest Service
rappi pushes for a cash-free latin america with latest service

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Contxto – Colombian super app contender, Rappi, continues to give us news to discuss. And for your reading ease, here’s a two for one.

First, in Bogotá, the startup launched a new service “Cashless Zones” where diners at a select series of restaurants can now complete all their payments via QR code. Moreover, it’s considering expanding this service beyond its native country.

News bit number two.

In Brazil, it wants to be your BFF and accompany you on your digital shopping exploits through its latest feature, “Rappi Mall.” Eduardo Sodero, the startup’s director in Brazil, made the announcement this week. Although for the moment it will only be available in São Paulo, it aims to reach more cities throughout Latin America in the future.

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Rappi’s cash-free craze

Rappi’s Cashless Zones perk has been available for less than a month in three restaurants in Bogotá. And it must have been successful, as now the startup is considering expanding into Peru and Mexico.

This story sounds a lot like China’s WeChat. This Asian super app had begun steamrolling its way into everything: booking trips, requesting a taxi, ordering food. In the process, it pushed for digital payments. To the point that you can even order noodles from a street vendor and pay via QR code.

And Rappi, in its own way, is doing the same.

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Shopping on speed features

The startup has used its partnerships with retailers to deliver their goods to consumers within one hour. This feature, known as “Rappi Mall” aims to speed the process of receiving a coveted parcel from a store.

In Chile, the unicorn had already begun deploying this service in partnership with H&M. Back then, reps from Rappi stated the startup wanted to buddy up with other clothes retailers and expand this service.

Perhaps that’ll be the next market to have its own “Rappi Mall.”

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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News