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Contxto – There is no sector left intact by coronavirus (Covid-19). Usually, it’s the brick-and-mortar businesses that garner media attention, however the creative industry has also been hit hard by the pandemic.

As a result, Colombian startup Stereotheque developed and released an app, “CovidAid,” through which users can search and explore resources for artists, musicians, and others working in the creative industry.

Art app for the creative industry

So the good news is that public and private entities have launched resources and incentives to help artists everywhere cope.

Now the bad news is that—like information for any type of financial aid—this data is scattered throughout the internet. So users looking for a lifeline to sustain their creative living may have to submerge themselves in Twitter feeds and Google searches to find these resources.

In light of this, Colombian Stereotheque made available this CovidAid app, which hosts a database of resources and programs to help the creative industry pull through the pandemic.

So if you’re an artist or you know of someone in the creative industry who is looking for help, you’ll find more info on the app here.

Note that the entertainment and creative industry isn’t just corporate conglomerates like Disney or global artists like Shakira; as Stereotheque’s Co-founder Tomás Uribe in the announcement pointed out.

“There’s an indirect impact that is being left out of the equation,” he explained in a LinkedIn post. “For instance, entertainment and musicians who work on cruise ships and highly depend on these periodic contracts for income.” 

There are also hotel lobby and restaurant musicians, street artists, to name a few, who are also squeezed for cash due to the coronavirus.

What’s next for artists?

No doubt entertainment streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video have seen a surge of users lately. And I’d guess that once the pandemic eases up, many artists will seek to digitize their talent through these or other online platforms. 

Moreover, we’ve seen live event-related startups like Rebus Tech, pivoting to digital alternatives and it’s likely others will follow suit.

For better or worse, Covid-19 is pushing everyone and everything to digitize their offerings.

That or suffer the consequences.

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