The Assembly of the Colombia Fintech Association Elects Board of Directors with Female Majority

8 out of 15 members of the association’s highest governing body are women.
The Assembly Of The Colombia Fintech Association Elects Board Of Directors With Female Majority
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The Assembly of the Colombia Fintech Association, The board features a diverse and pluralistic representation of all fintech sectors, with a significant majority of women to deepen the Woman Colombia Fintech initiative.

Gabriel Santos, Executive President of Colombia Fintech, stated that in what will be the most important year for the fintech ecosystem in terms of growth, resource acquisition, and regulatory impact, they chose a board that represents all fintech sectors with a strong female presence to close gender gaps. He expressed satisfaction with the election, confident the new board will aptly guide them through the challenges of 2024.

Founded in 2016, the Colombia Fintech Association has grown and diversified, necessitating increased board participation. The new 15-member board is increasingly gender-balanced.

The Colombia Fintech board includes leaders from various sectors such as digital lending, electronic factoring, digital wallets, neo-banks, open finance, crowdfunding, digital payments, and crypto. Their objective is to deepen the fintech agenda in the country, promote competition, and leverage technology to close gaps and achieve real financial inclusion benefiting millions of Colombians.

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